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Damper Seeds by Doreen Dickson 100% Silk Womens Scarf

Damper Seeds by Doreen Dickson...


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  • Australian Aboriginal Indigeneous Design
  • 100% Satin Silk
  • Gift Packed
  • Scarf Size (Dimension: 147cm x 45cm)


Design Name:  Damper Seeds

Artist Name: Doreen Dickson

About the Artist:  Doreen Dickson is a Walpiri woman from Willowra in Central Australia. Her main Dream-time stories are ‘Awelye’- Women’s Ceremony and ‘Ngurlu’- Damper Seed Dreaming. Doreen’s unique style of fine dot work creates striking compositions in the classical Aboriginal art style.

Story:  Doreen depicts the seed pods which Aboriginal women collect. The seeds are then ground into flour and used to make traditional damper bread.