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Sandhill by Anna Pitjara 100% Silk Womens Scarf

Sandhill by Anna Pitjara 100%...


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  • Authentic Australian Aboriginal Design
  • 100% Satin Silk
  • Gift Packed
  • Scarf Size (Dimension: 88cm x 88cm)
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Design Name:  Sandhill

Artist Name: Anna Pitjara

Story: Geographically, a dune is a hill of sand built by wind action that results in suns of many different shapes and sizes. The importance of dunes is recognized by some countries namely United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand which have developed significant programs for protecting dunes by stabilizing them. In Central Australia there are many beautiful sand hills which provide a habitat for highly specialized forms of flora and fauna. Well known artist Anna Pitjara, beautifully depicts these sand hills on canvas with acrylic paints. Using white dots on a black background Anna portrays the effect of wind moving over the sand hills in the desert landscape near her hometown Utopia


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