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Bush Plum by Cindy Morton

Bush Plum by Cindy Morton P17-101A
Bush Plum by Cindy Morton P17-101C
Bush Plum by Cindy Morton P17-101D
Bush Plum by Cindy Morton


  • Title:  Bush Plum
  • Canvas Size: 91cm x 66cm
  • Painting Size: 84cm x 57cm
  • Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas

To guarantee the authenticity of this artwork we will issue Certificate of Authenticity

SKU: P17-101
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About the Artist:

  • Name: Cindy Morton
  • Born: c1976
  • Skin name: Pwerle (Pwerl)
  • Language: Alyawarre
  • Region: Utopia

Cindy Morton comes from a family of renowned Aboriginal artists. She is the daughter of Gracie Morton Pwerle who is one of the best Aboriginal artists and whose artwork has been displayed in numerous exhibitions over the world.  Cindy is also following foot-steps of her mother and is showing all signs of becoming a great artist.