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Honey Ants & Bush Beans by Mary Nabarula

Honey Ants & Bush Beans...


About the painting:
Title: Honey Ants & Bush Beans
Canvas Size: 78cm x 50cm
Painting Size: 71cm x 43cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


About the artist:
Born in 1956 in Willowra community on Warlpiri country, about 250 km north-west of Alice Springs and 200 km from Yuendumu, Mary moved to Alice Springs in early 2000. Her father, Jack Yaula Jogora-Jagamarra Long (now deceased) taught her to paint. Her mother is Ruby Wanamalyini (now deceased), also from Willowra, Northern Territory. Married to Angelo (Judda) one among the famous artists in Alice Springs. She is also related to Doreen Dixon Nakamarra and Janet Long Nakamarra.
She has produced works of varied style that talks about her country dreaming, women’s ceremonies and bush tucker.

Name:              Mary Nabarula / Mary Ross Nabarula
Skin Name:   Nabarula
Born:               1956
Region:           Willowra, Northern Territory, Australia
Language:      Pitjantjatjara


To guarantee the authenticity of the painting we will provide certificate of authenticity