Silk Tie – Dreamtime Flowers Black by Letisha Doolan


  • Authentic Australian Aboriginal Art
  • 100% Silk Tie
  • Dimension: 7 cm (at widest point) x 150 cm (length)
  • Wear and Tear Resistant
  • Beautifully gift packed
  • Ideal product to gift on special occasions


Tie Design: Dreamtime Flowers Black by Letisha Doolan

About the Artist: Letisha Doolan is a famous Aboriginal Artist whose paintings are exhibited and sold throughout the world. The design on this cross-bag is inspired by her art-work.

Dreamtime: According to Aboriginal mythology, Dreamtime is the creation time when ancestors sprung up from beneath the earth. They travelled across the land and created almost everything in the world. When they got tired they went back into the earth. Latisha meticulously depicted some Dreamtime flowers in her artwork. The smaller dots and circles represent seeds, flowers, waterholes, etc. Two concentric circles with a dot in the center represent ancestral sites.

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