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Gift Wrapping Paper – Bush Sultana


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Design Name: Bush Sultana

Artist: Audrey Napanangka

Size: 89cm x 57cm

  • One Wrapping Paper is Included with the design story card
  • Perfect for wrapping gifts for any occasions
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Design Name: Bush Sultana

Artist: Audrey Napanangka


Kutjea, or Australian desert raisin (Solanum centrale) is native to the more arid parts of Australia. Like other “bush tomatoes”, it has been used as a food source by Central Australian Aboriginal groups for millennia.

Like many plants of the Solanum genus, the desert raisin is a small bush and has a thorny aspect. It is a fast-growing shrub that fruits prolifically the year after a fire or good rains. It can also grow back after being dormant as rootstock after any drought years. The vitamin C-rich fruit is 1-3 cm in diameter and yellow in color when fully ripe. They dry on the bush and look like raisins. These fruits have a strong pungent smell of tamarillo and caramel that makes them popular for use in sauces and condiments. They can be obtained either whole or ground, with the ground product (sold as “kutjera powder”) easily added to bread mixes, salads, sauces, cheese dishes, chutneys, stews, or mixed into butter.

Merne Akatyerre (Arrernte language) means Bush Sultana in the Northern Territory. It is a nutrient fruit. Sultana plants are low prickly shrubs with soft green leaves and yellow and purple flowers. Some Aboriginal people in Alice Spring together with guests often go out to the bush with coolamon and digging sticks to collect bush sultana and other bush foods.

Audrey Martin Napanangka is a very experienced and well-known designer. Bush Sultana is a very popular fabric. Audrey, being a collector and gatherer, often goes to the bush with her friends and relatives, and sometimes she accompanies tourists. She loves nature and bush foods.

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