‘Warrina Designs’ is a successful brand of very old and established business. Our company was established on 1989 as “Books and Things”. We first started as a distributor of books in Australia. In 1993 we started printing aboriginal paintings on cotton fabrics. Our fabrics manufacturing wing is called M & S Textiles Australia and we sell our fabrics in many countries around the world. We are very innovative company and are able to maintain high quality in our design concepts and in our production. Although we are not an Aboriginal Company, we have decades of relationship with a number of Aboriginal Artists such as Nambooka, who has given the Name “Warrina”.

Warrina Designs sells various products under its brand name that are inspired from Authentic Aboriginal Artwork. All the products are Designed in Australia and are expertly made. We collect beautiful aboriginal artwork from various aboriginal artists throughout Australia and our designers put this artwork on various products. We proudly promote these products in Australia and throughout the world and bring thousands of years old aboriginal art to every household by associating it with everyday products.

The designs used in our products are not just simple designs but every design has a unique aboriginal story associated with it. For those who are interested, we also provide story of these designs along with the artists who created them. This way we also try to give credit to the aboriginal artists who have originally created these artworks on canvas.

Warrina Designs deals in various products such as Bags, Ties, Scarves, Umbrellas, T-Shirts etc which are all designed from Authentic Aboriginal designs. We also sell authentic aboriginal paintings created by top aboriginal artists all around Australia. We have a very wide range of aboriginal paintings from artists belonging to different regions of NT, Australia. A lot of them are from the region of Utopia which is famous around the world for its quality artworks. The paintings are available in different sizes and price range so customers can choose the artwork depending on their space and budget constraints. We also welcome inquiries from professional art collectors who may be interested in buying multiple paintings.

We also welcome wholesale inquiries for all our products. Businesses wishing to purchase at wholesale prices can contact us on warrina@ariadis.com.au

We have made it our goal to spread this wonderful ancient art throughout the world. We especially welcome customers from Europe and USA.

We want to thank you for visiting our website and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or suggestions.

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